May 18, 2012

Kangaroo Land, Day 2 - Caversham & The Maze

On the second day, we go and get our rented car that we already booked earlier prior going from Bayswater Car rental..we planned to drive to Whiteman to visit the Kangaroos and Koalas at Caversham Wildlife Park..and then to The Maze..

this is Corolla Hatch that we rented, cost us AUD 189 for 3 days unlimited KM plus baby seat and GPS...the car is comfortable

its a compulsory for the kids to be in the baby seat in Australia..lucky I brought the video player so my litte boss here  entertained by her favourite cartoon, Upin Ipin :)

We reached Whiteman Park after 35 minutes driving from the Perth City

the trees here look a bit scary, maybe because of the colour of the trunk which is quite dark, almost black

Sara was sleeping still this time

this is the entrance to the wildlife park, which is situated in the Whiteman Park

on a weekend like this, this park is so quiet..weird, compared to Zoo Negara in KL, i need to que for almost 1 hour just to buy the ticket

AUD 23 per person

she is up and ready to meet mr Kangaroo and Koala

my naughty little Sara

its quite chilly here, even though the sun is bright

the kangaroo is freely hopping here and there..

we are heading to the Farm Show, started at 10.00 a.m

Sara giving lecture to the Kangaroo :)

she called this donkey, horse..hehe

hubby feeding the Ilama and the Donkey

me posing inside the Farm Show area before the show started

me again..hehe..beside us there are a group of Indonesian on their tour 

dia pun tak nak lepas poseee...hehe

she show started, they will show us how they sheer the sheep

kesian all these sheep..later they will be bald..whole body

each sheep will be sheered only once a year

before this machine been invented, they sheer the ship manually using a tool called sheer(looks like a scissor)

this is how the fur looks like from one whole sheep, they import processed fur to many countries in the world and the top demand coming from China.

this cow name Debra, waiting for the 'milking' process to take place

this is the most fun activities for the kids..feeding the baby sheep.

we proceed to see the Wombat & friends show

this owl looks like a piece of wood

this cute animal is called golden possum..super cute and nice to hold, Sara enjoying patting the possum

hubby taking the chance to touch 'err i forgot the name' but also from Kangaroo family.

this uncle is holding a wombat..berat oo weighin average 20-30kg..sbb tu kena duduk jer :)..and for the picture, there will be one guy will help every visitors to snap picture..tak payah bayar..ngee

i like the greeny grass everywhere..sara dah letih jalan..rehat kejap 

time for Kangaroo..I am so proud of Sara..tak takut lansung!

kan best kalau boleh bawak balik satu..haha

she is only half  size of the Kangaroo

hubby pun tak nak lepas peluang..they feed the kangaroo with food yang mcm dedak ayam tu..but bigger size

Sara in action

"peace" her version

yay..tgk koala pulaks

koala sleeps 20 hours everyday, this is because they only eat the leaves call "eucalyptus" which supply them only small amount of tido jek la keje pasal nak save energy..the 2 koalas on the right in this picture was actually sleeping :) 

us three with the koalas..the caretaker here offer to snap our picture

tram services are also provided for the tourist to tour this Whiteman Park which is quite huge

us in front of the Motor Museum

yay..sampai dah the Maze..which is not far from the Whiteman Park.about 10 minutes drive

the first maze that we tried

inside the Maze

the whole maze from top view

this is pine maze..haha hubby buat lawak

us <3 <3 <3

there are also maze for the kids to try

this is truck tyres jugak tgk org main..but that time dah start we have to skip

maple is dah start berguguran ke bumi..chewahh

they got mini golf pasal tak ramai org..tak payah berebut2 nak try

my sweetheart ..*wink*wink*
That's the end of the day..we then head back to the city..