January 30, 2011

Baby shoes

usually people said baby lelaki active..but i guess the statement not 100% right..Sara my little one has shown her potential of being active since she was small..so different with the mother when she was a small small children..

she is the girl that does not like toys that much..she likes real thing..such as..Abah's car steering, Mama working pass card, her yellow spoon & diapers..

:: she n her Abah steering::

now she can crawl...sikit2 la..and the latest panjat memanjat..favourite panjat place..mama,abah and tv rack..so when she start standing..i'm wondering whether i should get her a pair of baby shoes or not..now she is always with her socks on..

so i do a bit of reading..in
http://www.babycenter.com , this is what expert got to say;

"Once your baby starts standing and cruising, you may wonder whether real shoes are necessary. Until your baby is walking around outdoors regularly, most doctors and developmental experts don't think so. It's normal for your baby to walk a bit bowlegged or with feet turned out, and those little tootsies may look flat. Going barefoot can help strengthen your baby's arches and leg muscles, and feeling the textures of what's underfoot can help with balance"

so mummies..i know there are so many cute cute cute little shoes selling out there..but barefoot just seem to be better for your babies

::before and after::

::when she managed to stand by herself, she will look at me, smile, hoping I will acknowledge her accomplishment ::

January 25, 2011

Sara crawl!! 25.1.2010

Today was so tiring at office..don't even have time to toileting!! but the best thing today Sara start to crawl..yay! another milestone for my Little Sara...

after this sure hard for me to control her..but still..I'm Happy for her!

January 24, 2011

~~~My Kayangan~~~~

On Wednesday afternoon, my hubby suddenly decided to go back to my hometown!! yay yay yay yay...i love going back to see my mum, dad, brothers & sister...but i think they are more excited..to see little Sara...

This time managed to surprise my mum by waking her up at 1 in the morning when we reach in front of the house..the whole journey back was smooth..Sara slept most of the time...

nothing change in Perlis..not like KL..the pace there is slower..calm..but i love the food..i love the people...its might not the best place to be for many people..but Perlis is always the Kayangan in my heart..the place where I always want to be when I'm happy or sad..

promote a little bit of Perlis tourism:

1. Padang Besar - shopping heaven for many things that u need..handbagss..clothes..baby clothes..household..food..shoess..and many more..

2. Wang Kelian Sunday Market - also shopping place..open on sunday morning and this is the only time where we can cross to the other side(Thailand) without any passport being checked..

3. Harumanis mango - the only place that can grow this mango is Perlis! super sweet and nice smell mango..can be found and enjoy around March to June every year..

4. Taman Herba - herb & spice park

5. My house! haha..

for more info on Perlis..you can go to http://www.perlis.gov.my

Perlis does not declare Thaipusam as public holiday..so my mum went to school...while 3 of us out to Padang Besar to do the best thing..shoppingg!! the happiest person is my Hubby..shopping abes..he bought me a blouse!! thanks dear..and new dress for Sara..not one but 4! huhu..

last nite there we had dinner at one of the Cafe..name Maicafe..nice ambiance and food..everyone satisfied..

Now..we are back in KL..already started working today..looking back at reality and touching my feet on the ground..i still miss My Kayangan..

January 14, 2011

Who thinks Sara is cute raise up your hand!! :P

this entry nothing but to release bit of my current pressure..juggling with current work..being a mom to an 8 month old baby and a wife is super not easy..tiring, but that's responsibilities...i cannot go into the system..so this is me writing here before i go off to bed..

time is now showing 1.24 a.m and guess what..i'm still working!! current task is super pack until sumtime i just dunno where to start..getting a new assistant previously a good news told by my boss but now..no assistant to be seen as he was put in other Project..what to do..job has to be done..to get the most powerful thing in the world now..'money'..i always believe that Allah will not burden us more than we can take..so move on..

the title of my entry this time is actually something that i have been thinking even before i got a daughter..y we always see our own daughter/son is the cutest among others?? ..maybe because we love our child so much that's y...i think this also applies to the man that we love..when we fall in love with someone we will think he is the most handsomest of all...

but I love kids..especially babies..so i think they are all cute..but for me Sara is still the cutest of All..haha..perasan :p..so anyone need a Baby Model, please buzz me..haha..

she was having so much fun at the playground in the above pics..this was during his dad birthday party..her aunties kidnap her to this playground..looking at her and her pictures..I always think how can we not love this little creature made by Him and sent to us? i just cannot imagine a day of my life without her..

mama always pray for your health, wealth and good life ahead..get well soon dear(she is having flu)

January 10, 2011

Happy Bday Baby!!

My Big baby - mr Kayy, A.k.a my hubby celebrating this 32 years old birthday last 08.01..been thinking what to give him on his special day..then i thought y not a birthday party at our new house..its not brand new house but we just bought this house..so to us its new :P..

so been planning of it bout 2 weeks finally the day has come..my family came all the way from Perlis to help with the party, cooking n helping me to take care of Little Sara...

start to cook the favourite dish from Perlis..Laksa Perlis!!..just want the frens to get the great taste of Laksa Perlis which I enjoy since I was small..

when the day come..we prepared everything and just waited for the guest to come..Alhamdulillah so many people came n enuf food for them to eat..pictures taken from the party...

i) my house with decoration..so many people tot it was Sara birthday..actually i just purposely want the party to be a bit merrier..haha
ii) the food..nyum nyum..most of it order except for the Laksa..so we had laksa, mee hoon singapore, roti jala..satay(all people feveret), kuih- muih, cakes n cuppies, fruit

hubby so happy..his mak angkat was there at the party..

From the bottom of my heart, would like to say thank you so much to my family who come all the way to help..to my Mak Lang(the cook) and paklang who has been helping..frens who came ...

I am glad that everything went well..and to those who cannot come..dun worry..pray for more good fortune, so i can throw another Makan-Makan party..

to Mr Kayy, happy birthday Baby..pray that all your wish come true..and hope to spent my life forever and a day with u..mmuahss..

January 2, 2011

Day escape to Fraser - Jan 2, 2011

::New Year, Jan 1, 2011::

Hubby was working on the new year nite..after he came back from office he went to bed..poor him..so tired..me kemas rumah.. after he get some sleep, we went out for late lunch..I cannot cook since the stove buat perangai..yay!..haha..

::Jan 2, 2011 ::
This morning hubby suddenly ajak pegi Fraser Hill..google the map and off we go..but the hill was not as near as what we read..super duper long and windings road that we have to face..feel like vomiting but have to control it..luckily little Sara sleep soundly all the way before reaching the final to go up the Hill which open every 2 hours...there can be either going up or coming down the hill at one time..so every odd hours are going up and even hours car coming down the hill..

we reach the top at 140 p.m..quite cold..not many people...scenery quite nice..as usual Highlands..it blessed with the perfect weather for the trees and flowers to bloom beautifully..

::nice view::

::me & Sara been followed by paparazzi everywhere we go..haha::

:: us ::

:: other photos taken there ::

::abah & sara, i think for this picture they can win most look alike father & daughter contest! ::

:: sara happy face after she managed to pull out her cap::

we had lunch at the foodcourt..i had nasi goreng paprik n mango smoothies..the food was nyummy..best :)

we go off and waited at the gate for the 4 o'clock turn to go down the hill..

overall, it was super duper tiring, but i happy that i get to spend the time with my 2 favorite person in this world..

January 1, 2011

Nappy Rash

my little daughter had nappy rash..quite bad this time..i was using drapolene previously..but not working this time...it has been almost one week..pity to see her not comfortable..

read on the net, we should use something with Zinc Oxide..so i went to guardian to look for something with Zinc Oxide..i found a cream called Calamine Cream...use it on Sara..tadaa..its working!!

so relieved..