March 11, 2011

1st Foodplace Review

Hi all...since I know my hubby, even before we get married..we like to go and try food at so many restaurants that we heard from friends or read in paper/ seen on tv...

So today I'm gonna do food review. My frst food review..

There are 3 places that we've been recently..Pizza San Fransisco , Vivo & Saba. So let me start with the First one.

1. Pizza San Fransisco :

This is actually our 2nd time here. This branch located super near to my house which is in Wangsa Maju. The others are in Bangi, Mines & Bukit Jelutong.

We can say this restaurant provides mix types of western food. The first time we came we tried Lasagna, Pizza & Nanchos. The second time my hubby had his Lamb chop.

I love their Nancho's. It is quite similar with the one we had in Victoria station. The nanchos baked with chopped tomatoes, beef/chicken, chillies & cheese..and it comes with sour cream and avocado paste..yummy..

:: my lovely favourite nanchos ::

The lasagna, cost us only RM15 if not mistaken..and it was super delicious..tak muak bak kate org Melayu..

::what we had that day ::

The pizza, just like normal pizza, nothing extra ordinary..i guess i love Domino's more..

My hubby lamb chop, he said yummy..i don't eat lamb so ngee...hehe..but look at the portion, so big..even he cannot finish it..and cost him not more than RM 20!

:: the Kambing::

Our drinks - cappucino ice blended and watermelon juice..

:: me and dotter::

So out of 10, i rate them 8 :) the food, love the service and the place is quite private for 3 of us to spend a relaxing eating moment of ourselves.

The address : 34R-0-6 & 34S-0-7, Jalan 1/27F, KLSC Section 5,
Wangsa Maju, 53300 K.L.

You can call them at 03-41498800/016-2621052 or check out their web at

2. Vivo

We tried this last weekend. We saw this restaurant at the Curve, but did not try it. Last Sunday, saw it in Berjaya, because the dessert advert is so tempting, we choose to try it..

the restaurant is so American in term of their interior, simple. I like many people that day..

Look at the menus and i can see pizzas, pastas, baked rice/pasta. They also have salads & chicken & desserts.. we end up ordering Oriental baked Rice for mr Hubby and Crispy Fried Paprika wings for me(not that hungry that day) and and...volcanic chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream( devil devil dessert)

But we had bad experience on waiting for the order to many people that came later than us got theirs first..boring..need to ask / follow up from the waiters few times..

after the waiting ..The Baked rice reach the table and from 10, it scores 11!..super sedap kawan2..nasib baik sedap..

the volcanic choc cake..was superb!!..we don't snap any picture but this picture i got from their website

shedap dap dap dap

So food here mmg semua sedap..price pun okie..not super expensive..

3 . Saba Restaurant

Located quite near to my house..Dataran Setiawangsa, opposite Setiawangsa LRT station..know bout this restaurant from frens..they said the food is good why not give it a try..

This restaurant serves arabic food..variety of rice, lamb & chicken (grill, kebab, roasted, tikka and many more)..

Hubby ordered Kabsah Chicken and I order Chicken Kebab with arab bread...and we wanna try Baklava, their dessert..haritu seen this dessert in Junior Master Chef we ordered one set (cost us RM 10 :P)

The food was so sedappppp...i never taste rice as sedap as their rice...enak di makan begitu kebab full of spice taste and baklava..shedapp jugak..what a satisfying meal that day..tak rugi try :)

x sempat snap picture coz i'm so busy eating :P...but you can go and see their website..the provide delivery service too..

So if you guys have time..why not have a try..malaysia is such a wonderful country that blessed with mix culture and food..