December 31, 2010

New Year..New Hope & Pray

hi frenss..after so so so super duper gaban long time I was away from writing..finally tonite feel like writing...last time writing was in long!! fuh...

i can hear the new year fireworks now..telling me new year has i'm coming back writing along with 2011..

what i have been through in 2009 & 2010?? a lot to tell but i will highlight some stories to frens that interested to know :)

1) Married to Khairulnurzairi - July 2009 :

Another level of life that i hop into..I am now happily married to my dearest hubby...thank u
Baby for stepping into my life..grateful to wake up each day by your side...

Snaps from my wedding in Kayangan & Keramat :

For Honeymoon, we went to Tanjung Jara, Dungun local tourism :P..
superb place..n food so goooodd...definitely will come again next time..

We also went to Malacca to finish up our leave after canceling our Thailand trip due to big riots that time in are some pics from the honeymoon to share :


The bestest gift from Allah to little princess Sara.. on her 39th week, she made her grand entrance to this world at 8.01pm..i delivered her one week earlier than my due date..maybe she just can't wait to see her Mama n Abah...

she is red healthy weighing 2.8kg.

on her aqiqah day..dah botaksss :)

She is now 8 month bundle of sleepless nites :)..but make my whole life super duper happy..

3) Currently, :

- working on SAP project in FELCRA Bhd
- moved to our new condo in Wangsamaju

My wish for 2011 :

1 - be a better wife & mum
2 - save more money
3 - happier working life
4 - Sara will grow up super fine
5 - Us happy, prosperous & healthy

i think enuf for now for this entry..hope to see you guys again 'soon' :) :)