February 19, 2012

My IMI getting Married!

he is getting married! yes, my brother Ahmad Khazimi or we called Imi or his friends called Im is getting married..the nikah & reception (Klang side) will be on 11th of March 2012 while the reception(Kangar side) is on the 17th March 2012..insyaAllah..

he and his wife to be are both architect, known each other during his study ,degree time in UiTM Shah Alam..

Imi and Rean on their engagement day
I'm happy for both of them, though sometimes I nag a lot to make sure he settles what he needs to settle and do things properly.. It's hard you know to be caretaker :)

pray to Allah may Imi and Rean(wifey to be) marriage is blessed by Allah and happiness filled up your life till hujung nyawa..
so 1 going down another 2 to go! I got another little sister and a little brother to look after or help my parent to look after them :) being the eldest is not easy, I just hope I made them happy and ease a little bit of my parent's burden..the least that I can do..

my siblings with Sara