January 22, 2012

Lead by Example--Sara changed Me!

it was a mix feeling looking at Sara my daughter of 1 year 8 months is 'praying' beside her dad..proud, overwhelm, happy....she was copying what her dad do...that was so cute hearing her saying 'allah akbat' (Allahhuakbar)..and when finished praying, she will raise her hand and berdoa...and she will say "amiin"..

Sara is the type that can follow what we said and done fast..she copied almost everything..sometimes I'm so embarrassed when I forgot to recite doa before makan, while Sara already raised her hands as that is the routine that we thought her every meal time...

because of this..I've changed..I have to ensure only the good words and actions from me in front of her, so that she will follow only good things...we tend to forget the small things that happens everyday like say thank you, smile to people around you, say "assalamualaikum" before you enter the house or a place..recite doa before out from the house, before makan, after makan......but in order to teach our children, we must make it a habit ourselves..

I do hope and pray to Allah, to give me strength & patience..and show me the way to lead and shape Sara to be a good Muslimah , good daughter, and good citizen.