October 25, 2008

Hot Strawberry , BBQ & Spine story

weird title..these are 3 short stories that has taken place since last weekend to me, my frens and family...
dont wanna let the confusion lingers around u guys..let me tell what the stories is all about....
::1st Story ::

Last weekend my housemates and I go for a strawberry escape..whereelse our own Cameron Highland..just went day 2 days one nite...we started our journey in the morning at 8 ++ and decided to stop for a Hot Spring bath at Sungkai Perak...so this is the first time i tried Hot Springs bath..
When afternoon came to say hello..we proceed our Journey to the place almost touching the sky..Cameron Highland..reached Brinchang about 3 something and it was raining at the time...but not that bad..we had our lunch there...before proceed to the TM resort which is in Tanah Rata ( 5 Km from Brinchang) to check in..my 2 housemates are working with TM...so special price for us!...:)

about 6 something..we went out to tour the Brinchang nite market..strawberries everywhere...fresh vegetables...and all the souveniers....love the chill environment..

The next morning..checked out from the resort and head for our breakfast..then go melawat kawasan sekitar..hihi..flower nursery...strawberry farm and tea plantation..

enjoy the trip to the fact that this trip has not been planned..so just pack and go kinda style...hehe...thanks to all the camerionans who are so kidn to us..thanks to the strawberry farm worker who give us free strawberries (the owner didnt know bout this!..haha)...thats the ending of the happy story..
::2nd Story::
me and my close frens in Uni plan to do a BBQ at one of my fren house Sat(25th Oct 2008)..so this is my first time fortunately i have the chance to join the sure going to be a great BBQ party..we are so happy and been talking bout this party since last 3 weeks..so i'll be bringing walnut brownies (secret recipe..haha..)...
however, something not happy happened...my sweet azni's dad passed away on tuesday...so shocked to receive that news from Akmal...sorry frens cannot be there to comfort and console u...al fatihah to her dad..
so we cancelled the BBQ....another date to be determined...
:3rd Story::
On wednesday...got a phone call from my sister..telling that my mum was admitted...oh my god!..as my mum's besfren..so sad to hear that..called my mum and heard she was crying..really cannot stand it..
after went thru MRI scanning..they found out something not right with the spine and the shoulder..the spine is not straight..slipped a bit..so they have to jab liquid into the spine in order to fix it...she also has to go thru physiotherapy...and jab once a week...
rushing back from Kertih to KL..and drive with my brother to see my mum..so relieved to see a smile on her face..still in pain but she is okie...after 2 days they discharged her...now she is okie...i'm happy....

thats is why the title is a bit weird..such a tiring week..full of happiness, sadness, worriness and relieved....whatever happens, I never regret every single things that god have put up for me..always believed all these challenges make me more mature each day..