July 30, 2011

Special 7

July is a special month to me..so many big things happen in July in my life..I was born in July..I was married in July..my mum was born in July..my brother was born in July..so July is a celebration month for me..

so for this year..July come again..my hubby bought cik DINA(its CALDINA..but we always refer her as Cik DINA he he)  this month..so another thing to celebrate..love to see his happy face as finally he gets what he wants..i think he has been planning for this for a year...also sad to see his face so sad leaving his BEDAL..nick name for his old car..he take care of BEDAL mcm his wife..syg habis..but now BEDAL is in other people hand..and I hope he will take care of Her like my hubby did..

my hubby new and old car together

My mom retired also this year July..as her birthday is on 15th of July..she decided to come to KL to celebrate her birthday ..yeahaa..eventhough i know she is looking forward to see my daughter more than me..but i dun care la..i miss my mum around..so for what ever reason she is here..i will be happy..

when they were here last 2 weeks, we went to FLORIA..which is like my mum yearly activity now..haha..she loves flowers and planting pokok2..so this is a nice place for her to cuci mata.. 

her last punch..she dont look like a person that reach retirement age at all!

my mum,sara n my sis at the floria

me n my mum at FLORIA

27th July..my BDAY :)  birthday was so fun when you are young..especially when u are a kid..you are waiting for this day..super special day to receive many gifts...when you still single, you will have celebration with all the friends..gifts from boyfriend and admirers..hik hik perasan....but when u are married and have kid..i prefer to have a quiet dinner with them two..and receive many birthday notes from friends and family is much more meaningful...

cake for my bday..thanks officemate :)

July 6, 2011

Celebrating Love at the Cove

I am always excited when it come to celebrating special day of my life..be it birthday..anniversary..even just weekend outing :)

So for our 2nd anniversary, I chose Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson to celebrate..my hubby was a bit tight with his office work, so I excitedly plan this for myself..I don't mind doing this alone as I like surfing looking for hotel, look at the room and pictures..look for eating place around the hotel..how to go and travel related info..

We stayed there for only one nite..the hotel room was so spacious..the view from our room was spectacular..and we had superb seafood dinner..we had fun even though it was a short escape..

some pictures taken there in PD.

people said time flies when you had fun..that what I felt when we were cruising slowly in our car along the beach road..that what i felt when me, hubby and Sara was walking along the marine jetty..looking at the yachts..

we went home happy..another memories tattooed and definitely we will back to PD again ..that is why i love to travel..even it is just short distance..we create happy memories, we treasure beautiful experience and places and get to know other people life and cultures..

to my Baby(hubby)..happy anniversary dear..i had beautiful memories together last weekend..but even much more sweet memories that you have created with me at home together with little Sara..so no matter what, where or how..its who I am with to treasure it..love you forever and a day..