September 7, 2011

Miss my MAK

I miss my MAK...she is now in Bukit Tinggi Indon with my Dad and her friends...

I know i'm old already..but..I still missing her..counting days for her to come back..see ya soon MAK...hope u are having fun there..

September 4, 2011

Celamat Ali Laya

when we are small..we are so excited waiting for hari clothes, counting days to get duit raya..the best thing i guess for budak kecik..but when I started working..i wait for Hari Raya to meet my spend time with them..that's all..not looking forward to new clothes..i just want to be home..and it continues until i get married..

before I get married many people told me that balik raya is one of the biggest issue every year for many couples..but for me , its not a big deal...we take turn every year to celebrate hari raya wits after that h family..and the best of it, my husband is such a wonderful person..he will try to fit his busy schedule to be at both parent house for hari if the 1st day at my parent house, 2,3 day  after that we will be back to KL to be at his parent's..vice versa...

and now we got Sara..everything is about her..her clothes..her new shoes..since she doesn't like to wear anything on her i save on hair clips or ribbons :) . she has 7 or 8 baju raya this year..and thanks to my friend Wendy & Ain for the baju raya gifts..

this year is Perlis's turn..yay! we have back to Perlis even earlier, on the 26th spent 7 wonderful days there with my family..good food as always during buka puasa...and even more better during hari many people come beraya at my parent house..some apictures during hari raya

in short, though much money drained out for hari raya (being the eldest is never easy..he he)..each cent is worth it..I had my happiest moment ...and now I am homesick! i dont like this feeling...

anyway..its not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya, maaf Zahir Batin to everybody who is celebrating it and special thanks to my family who layan us like King and Queen and Princess(Sara).

July 30, 2011

Special 7

July is a special month to many big things happen in July in my life..I was born in July..I was married in mum was born in brother was born in July is a celebration month for me..

so for this year..July come hubby bought cik DINA(its CALDINA..but we always refer her as Cik DINA he he)  this another thing to to see his happy face as finally he gets what he wants..i think he has been planning for this for a year...also sad to see his face so sad leaving his BEDAL..nick name for his old car..he take care of BEDAL mcm his wife..syg habis..but now BEDAL is in other people hand..and I hope he will take care of Her like my hubby did..

my hubby new and old car together

My mom retired also this year her birthday is on 15th of July..she decided to come to KL to celebrate her birthday ..yeahaa..eventhough i know she is looking forward to see my daughter more than me..but i dun care la..i miss my mum for what ever reason she is here..i will be happy..

when they were here last 2 weeks, we went to FLORIA..which is like my mum yearly activity now..haha..she loves flowers and planting this is a nice place for her to cuci mata.. 

her last punch..she dont look like a person that reach retirement age at all!

my mum,sara n my sis at the floria

me n my mum at FLORIA

27th BDAY :)  birthday was so fun when you are young..especially when u are a are waiting for this day..super special day to receive many gifts...when you still single, you will have celebration with all the from boyfriend and admirers..hik hik perasan....but when u are married and have kid..i prefer to have a quiet dinner with them two..and receive many birthday notes from friends and family is much more meaningful...

cake for my bday..thanks officemate :)

July 6, 2011

Celebrating Love at the Cove

I am always excited when it come to celebrating special day of my it birthday..anniversary..even just weekend outing :)

So for our 2nd anniversary, I chose Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson to hubby was a bit tight with his office work, so I excitedly plan this for myself..I don't mind doing this alone as I like surfing looking for hotel, look at the room and pictures..look for eating place around the to go and travel related info..

We stayed there for only one nite..the hotel room was so spacious..the view from our room was spectacular..and we had superb seafood dinner..we had fun even though it was a short escape..

some pictures taken there in PD.

people said time flies when you had fun..that what I felt when we were cruising slowly in our car along the beach road..that what i felt when me, hubby and Sara was walking along the marine jetty..looking at the yachts..

we went home happy..another memories tattooed and definitely we will back to PD again ..that is why i love to travel..even it is just short distance..we create happy memories, we treasure beautiful experience and places and get to know other people life and cultures..

to my Baby(hubby)..happy anniversary dear..i had beautiful memories together last weekend..but even much more sweet memories that you have created with me at home together with little no matter what, where or how..its who I am with to treasure you forever and a day..

June 30, 2011

@}-------sweet like chocolate -------{@

this is what he wrote to me today:

Baby : cant wait for this weekend
Baby : i pray its not raining
Baby : i have my lovely wifey to thanks for this not so surprise getaway
Baby : im sorry that i havent plan a thing as i got cought up with arising matters
Baby : but deep in my heart i am crying like mad(kat luar control macho) cos somebody do 
            something  as sweet as this to celebrate
Baby : it may not be sufficient for me to phrase it in words
Baby : but i do..i do like it a lot
Baby : i do..i do love u a lot lot2
Baby : thank u for reading my mumbles
Baby : pls dun shed a tear ----> he warn me as I always shed tears to read all these kind of sweet words from him..haha

this is how sweet my hubby is..though sometimes he always said he is not romantic..he just doesn't realise that he is one hopeless romantic man!

this is me replying : u r most welcome..the least i can do to repay all the good things that u brought to my life

countdown : Friday,Saturday, 2 years :)

June 26, 2011

CROCS Warehouse Sale!

For all CROCS lovers out there, you might want to visit Ikano Power center this weekend. There is CROCS Warehouse Sale happening there which will be ended on this Sunday. As per advertised on shoppingnsales below :

Been there this afternoon, so mostly all crocs shoes for adult you can get between RM 60-80. And for Kids the price ranging from RM40-50. So this is what I get for Sara for only RM40 in stead of normal price of RM139.90.

I am not that huge fan of CROCS, we accidentally went to Ikano and accidentally saw this warehouse sale and look for Sara's shoes. Some other Kids shoes that are available there and me comparing with the normal price :)
RM 40 - also have so many other colors
NP : RM 119

RM 50 + other colors
NP : 119

RM 40
NP : 129

RM 40 + other colors, cute but no Sara's size
NP : 129

super cute, only RM 40/50 cannot remember :)
NP :129

NP :RM 129

RM 40 - but no Sara's size..also super cute
NP : 129

So that's about this for this entry..happy shopping! 

p/s: CROCS should give me some commission on promoting this :)

June 25, 2011

Priceless Picture for Today :)

i love this moment..when i see Her so manja on his Abah shoulder..priceless picture for today..

June 23, 2011


I had a good time last weekend..good food, good outing and nice gift..

:: ICITY ::

We headed to I City Shah Alam on the Saturday many people had put their pictures on Facebook snapped at this place , so we don't want to miss to see wonderful colours of lights there..this outing is made special for Sara and I know she will be excited to see all the colourful lights brother and future Sis in law, follow us..the visit cost us RM 10 per entry for one car..

Sadly there are so many people there as there was Lipton celebration or something held there..but we had our good times no matter what especially Sara who was so fascinated and try to touch all the lights there..i guess the pictures of her show it all :)


Celebrating father's day, i treat my hubby at Seoul has been years that i did not go to this restaurant and finally it came across my mind..So we off to One Utama to had our lunch was so many people there that we need to write our names as in the waiting list..waited about 1/2 hour for them to call us..we spent our time by..also eating at Auntie Anne's atas sebab kelaparan tahap dewa that sambil makan sambil snap gambar budak kecik


For those who never know what is Seoul Garden is all about you can go to their WEBSITE and check out about this is Korean style BBQ buffet restaurant.

to me the food there is good and healthy and also we had good time grilling and BBQ ing our own food..and it is so G.O.O.D that i forget to capture the food there..but u can check out the website to see the pictures there..


 He bought me a gift and it is a new lappy! so this is me writing from my new ASUS..thank u Baby for this..appreciate this so much..muahss

He smile BIG today

He has been thinking of this for quite sometimes..finally today he get what he wanted which I heard he has been saying this for almost a year..

it is good to see he had a BIG smile on his face..i feel happy for him..sooner or later will reveal on what make him smile :)

June 21, 2011

~~Public gratitude notes to the Men in my Life~~

Yesterday was said Father's day in the dad is staying far north of Malaysia with my mum and handphone is the best medium to wish him on this special day of being a dad..he just replied " thanks,atas ingatan".

That is my father, a man with few words..since I was small that is my dad that I knew..compared to my mom that is blessed with writing and speaking skills..he is the one who is always quiet..

I was quite manja to him when I was mum sometimes used me to ask from my dad if she wants something as she knows my dad mostly granted what I he in other words my first boyfriend..I still remember last time when I had my first bf, he come to me and said " Kakak dah ada boyfriend, tak sayang Bapak lagi" ..I smiled and said to him " are still my number one man" ..keh keh

Now he has already retired working with Kilang Gula Felda Perlis..which is about 2 years back..he just stay at home happily riding his bike almost everyday and active with the JKK there..

So this posting is a public shout out for my Bapak..Happy Father' s day Bapak..thank u for every single things that u have done for Kakak and adik2..insyaAllah we will never forget your deeds to raise us all and your wellness and happiness in life is always in my prayer everyday..

Not to forget to my hubby Mr Kayy..Happy Father's day love..may Allah give us strength and  health to take of our kids and each other..InsyaAllah..

June 17, 2011

~~Quote of the Day~~

You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales, that fantasy of what your life would be, white dress, prince charming who would carry you away to a castle on a hill. You would lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Eventually you grow up, one day you open your eyes and the fairy tale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is its hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely cause almost everyone has that smallest bit of hope, of faith, that one day they will open their eyes and it will come true.

June 7, 2011

~~Quote of the Day~~

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.


June 5, 2011

long silent...

i'm back after the long silent..just dont have time i guess..

Sara down with flu last week and I was hit by one since yesterday..lucky my family was here taking care of is school holiday now and as usual, my mum n dad will bring my adik2 here in KL..

spent quality time with them..Sara is the happiest person to have so many people that want to manja her all the time..

and I am happy that Mak had a chance..long awaited moment I guess for her to meet her old bestfren Auntie Mariyani..even though it was a short meeting but I can see my mom happy face and this make her visit to KL this time even more worth it.. 

this morning..they already head back to Perlis and now we are back to normal life..just the 3 of us..hope my flu will go soon..

miss u already Mak!

May 18, 2011

Outing to Lye Huat Garden, Changlun Kedah

I would like to share our outing to Lye Huat garden last weekend with my family. This private garden I believe owned by Mr Lye Huat, hehe :). Now its open to public at RM7 only for adult and RM 3 for children..It was a different experience coming to this garden plus zoo..we felt like we were in was so peaceful and so private..not many people..

it is situated near Changlun town in Kedah. I found it's website which I guess not up to date (the ticket now is cheaper) but you can see type of garden that are available there..

so just want u guys to enjoy the picture taken there..

at the entrance

the crazyness and cheerfulness

look at this beautiful it

me n the pond as the background

we can feed the Koi fish there, there were thousands of them and they look so hungry..they swim on top of another to get the food.

walking along the path provided to go to other part of the garden. It has big fish pond, art gallery, aquarium, wildlife zoo, the antics vase and other historical item gallery, the terracotta soldiers corner and others :)

when i look at this picture, I will feel like we were in China..i guess good job done in a small town like looks so international quality garden..

us in front of one of the gallery hall

All and all, my family was happy that day, despite the hot weather. The garden is well maintain except for the zoo part. well, match with the ticket price..If you plan to go here, make sure you bring umbrella as there are not much of big trees to shade you..and bring your own drinks as no one selling anything inside the park..

so..jum Cuti Cuti Malaysia! ngeee