February 10, 2008

Jakarta-Bandung Trip

Yeay!..another trip that i just went..so this time will be Jakarta Bandung...spent 4 days 3 nights at our neighbour country...this time I was sharing the experience to explore the country by ourselves with my buddies..Yanti & Hani...Actually another fren should be coming but she cancelled the trip due to her job contraint..poor Finaz...

This time we just go backpacking..without any tour guide...it was really a total different experience...we had so much fun there..

Went to Taman Mini Indah indonesia...so big and huge...had a ride on Bajai (tranportation, similar to 'tut-tut' in Thailand)..had a one way train ticket to Bandung..and shopping is the best among all...spent thousands..haha..please don't tell my mommy..hehe..luckily bought her many things also..to keep her quiet..hi hi.

In Bandung, we also had the chance to visit the volcano crater..at Mountain Tangkuban Perahu..such a different and unique experience..had our feet and hand a 'Mud Spa'...

Bandung was so breezy..love the weather..but a bit cold for me la..with that weather we can walk longer..and we dont feel that tired..

So..in overall i love travelling wit my buddies...hehe...To get the full story mory of the journey..please do visit my fotopage at http://fam429.fotopages.com/. Enjoy!..