August 29, 2007

~~CheRiSH EveRy LittLe MoMEnts~~

Every little steps that we take..we really hoping for only good things to happen in our life..however sometimes life is so hard on us..but I always believe that all the bad things happens to us have a specific reason....what happen to me this year has proven a lot of things related to the theory I made myself...try to go with the flow and coping what are meant or destined for me...Luckily I have friends and family who are always by my side..

Hmm..put that a every sad story..there must be a little tiny winy good ones to be told...this year is the year that I experience a lot of activities that I never tried before...jungle tracking..kayaking..hiking...went outside Malaysia...and there are several others that are blocking my calendar this year and next year..insyallah...

So lets talk about the current ones..went to Pangkor with my family!!..yeay!!.. this is another my first time to the island in northern Malaysia...the breeze air and the blue sea water really taken my mind far2 away from the messiness I have in good to be there..pangkor is not that bad!..some pics from the trip

~~rite before the island hopping~~

~~the rocks forming a Turtle and a Whale!!~~

~~my lovely mom and dad~~

~~~ready to kayak bro?~~

We start the journey from Kangar to Lumut by car..then take a ferry to sway thru the Selat Melaka to Pulau only takes around 15 minutes ferry ride to the island..a pink van brought us to Teluk Nipah..where all the excitement lies...chey chey..

First day is full with mandi manda..island feeding..

Second day..much more mandi-manda and kayaking..try hard to snorkeling but so scared..hihi..

Went back after 2 sourveniers at pekan Pangkor..esp food...

So tata pangkor..definitely will come back one day..hmm..hope so...

August 22, 2007

Moving ForWard...

Here I am..after for such a long time of silence in this no boundaries world..I'm writing again from a small corner in my new office space (just move from the old building to a new one...

My new place...all in red.. my boss said..more increase our motivational level to come to work..that's why red was chosen to be the color of the cubicle..i wish the color can really influence me..;)

This week is just difference from other weeks..maybe because moving to the new settings..trying to blend with the new cafeteria down there and the worst things..need to pay for my parking for the first time at work!..ish ish...But the good thing out of this moving..i get the best spot cubilcle...everybody so jealous bout it..ha ha..if i am in the 'Survivor' show..i definitely will be voted out straightaway..

And...tomorrow i'm going back to Perlis..yeay!!..Friday i will be in Pangkor.."Cuti-cuti Malaysia" with my family..goodbye frens..happy attending all the users complaints without me back there in the new 'vibrant office'...