July 28, 2012

Another year...

Yesterday was my birthday :)  I am already 31 years old..hehe yes..I am not that young anymore..but I'm always young at heart..haha tak nak mengaku dah tua gak jugak tu..thank to Allah that always give me His blessings with all these happiness around me..

Some of my girlfriends always ask me what my hubby give me for my bday or anniversary.. They like to compare what they get from their love ones. Some of them even feel stress out or merajuk or mad with their hubby or partner if they don't get any special gift or dinner or flowers during this special day..

As for me..I don't look and hope for gifts and surprises or whatsoever during these special days..if I get it then its a bonus..I am more than thankful with everything that Allah gives me now..

I am more than happy to see the posts of birthday wishes on my facebook wall. See the prayers and doa from friends, especially from my husband and familia :) ..

This is what my sweet hubby wrote on my wall :)

"happy birthday my dear wife Famila Pahmin..
im glad that im being a part of ur special day..
lets be veteran together...
n lets celebrate this event for another century or two..eh?
luv u :) "

And touching wish from my lovely Mak :

"happy bthday kakak. ha ha dah tua..wish you the very best of all the birthdays u've had before.You are the best gift any mother would have, now with a family of yr own, may u always be blessed wth happiness forever.."

One wish that I get from my ex-collegue is:

 "Happy birthday, Fam! :) May Allah bless you and family for many many years to come. Meningkatnya umur setahun, maka kuranglah setahun tempoh kita di dunia ini"  ..this is so true and yes there is so much things that I need to improve to prepare myself to see Him..

I am trying day by day to become a better muslimah, wife, mother, daughter and friend. InsyaAllah

And friends, birthday is the day to remember how hard our mother fighting to bring us to this world..thanks a trillion mak! nothing that I can do to repay that..

its me! newly born 27.07.1981


mak said...

sob sob sedih baca..

Rahayu Niza said...

selamat hari lahir famila..insya Allah, together we aim for Jannah..aminn~

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, a bit too late to wish you happy birthday, but anyway, many happy returns of the day.
And a birthday is just another 365 day trip around the sun, so put on your designer sunglasses, enjoy the trip.

Age is just a number, its how you feel that counts....
Our life today is not a dress rehearsal, we only get to play one round.
So live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.
Wishing you and family selamat hari merdeka....
You stay young, and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards.

Anonymous said...

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