July 23, 2012

Kangaroo Land, Day 4 - Strudel, Chocolate & Breathtaking view

It's already the forth day we in Perth..and its 30th April 2012..It was Sara birthday!!..yes..the main reason plan to have this trip is to celebrate her birthday :)..konon..padahal mama dia yg sibuk nak berjalan and dapat cheap ticket from AA..hehe..

At first we planned to go to Margaret river and straight to Augusta..since we are still not that well we changed our plan to somewhere not that far..We hit the Aberdeen street to look for the famous apple strudel for breakfast..the shop still not open when we reached there ..hehe..too early..biasa la..I dgn dessert mmg over excited..the street is so clean and pretty..the building, the whether and no traffic jam!..Perth is just blessed with all those good combination..

me and birthday girl..happy birthday my dearest cinta hati..

see..no car on the street and the structure in the middle of the street so unique

sara got her juice and we continue pusing2 that place while waiting for Corica to open

one of the building there..so vintage
the shop is open..back there..behind hubby

we had our coffee & tea at this shop..sara still finishing her juice :)

see how happy her face..

duk buat show kot..nyanyi tepi jalan

After finished breakfast, we made our way to Swan valley, to have a stop at the Margaret river Chocolate factory and the vineyard nearby..just 25-30 minutes from Perth city..the sunny whether is so nice ..and make the pictures is super pretty :)

hubby posing

sara was sleeping this time..so mama pose dgn stroller..again

free chocolate tasting..no wonder ramai Malaysians dtg sini..hehe

chocolates, chocolates and chocolates..

ni lah jadinye kalau chocolate lover at chocolate factory..

there are also products made of chocolate sell here..massage oil, lip balm, body butter etc

these are jamss

one mat salleh uncle offer to snap our picture..dalam timbunan chocolataaa...

proceed to the vineyard nearby..not buying or tasting the wine la..just like to see the place..so cantik..its autumn that time and the maple leaves started to change color and falling down..

sara muka baru bangun tido..

hubby..the same place..hehe

isnt the blue sky made the whole picture so so nice ?

sara happy tempat luas..as always

Later that day, we went to Hillary Harbour and drive along the beach road..it was breathtaking..and the whether was with us that day..Alhamdulillah

look at the sky..no clouds at all..

his happy face with a fantastic view as the background

please bear with my huge spectacles..haha

super clear water

its looks hot..but its not..

its time for him to pose :P

Indeed, Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.

so many eating places..we chose fish and chip place

And this end our day today in Perth..the next morning..super early morning, we headed back to airport for our flight..definitely i will come to Perth again one day insyaAllah..there are so many places to explore..

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love all your pictures !! sweet :)