September 21, 2007


Today is the 9th day we Puaca..i am one of the people who still manage to Puaca..this is the month where we can lose our tiny or big spare tyre that really like to attach to the big reward promise by 'Him' to who manage to go thru this month gracefully...not the rite word...but who cares?...hehe..

This is also the month where you can eat a lot of things that sometimes you don't have the opportunity to have it before to the fact u r too busy or act like one :P.....My company has given the right to go back earlier than usual..4.00 p.m but need to come early at 8.00 i got the chance to go to the 'Pasar Ramadhan' many things that i can see...all the food sometimes are given names to the Top artis in Malaysia...who else...the Botak man..'Mawi'...he he..

Not forget to mention..I will miss my mom the most this month..dunno why..but it just happen every year..miss my family which is far far away from me in this Big mom will cook me the best 'Mee Kuah' in the world...with all the works and responsibilities here..i just can help myself to be patiently not to just run back to Perlis to break fast with my family..just telling my patient..i'll be back 2/3 days before raya to have that chance...sad isn't it?..even i'm the eldest..but i'm the most manja..hi hi...;)

so thats all for today......