September 7, 2011

Miss my MAK

I miss my MAK...she is now in Bukit Tinggi Indon with my Dad and her friends...

I know i'm old already..but..I still missing her..counting days for her to come back..see ya soon MAK...hope u are having fun there..

September 4, 2011

Celamat Ali Laya

when we are small..we are so excited waiting for hari clothes, counting days to get duit raya..the best thing i guess for budak kecik..but when I started working..i wait for Hari Raya to meet my spend time with them..that's all..not looking forward to new clothes..i just want to be home..and it continues until i get married..

before I get married many people told me that balik raya is one of the biggest issue every year for many couples..but for me , its not a big deal...we take turn every year to celebrate hari raya wits after that h family..and the best of it, my husband is such a wonderful person..he will try to fit his busy schedule to be at both parent house for hari if the 1st day at my parent house, 2,3 day  after that we will be back to KL to be at his parent's..vice versa...

and now we got Sara..everything is about her..her clothes..her new shoes..since she doesn't like to wear anything on her i save on hair clips or ribbons :) . she has 7 or 8 baju raya this year..and thanks to my friend Wendy & Ain for the baju raya gifts..

this year is Perlis's turn..yay! we have back to Perlis even earlier, on the 26th spent 7 wonderful days there with my family..good food as always during buka puasa...and even more better during hari many people come beraya at my parent house..some apictures during hari raya

in short, though much money drained out for hari raya (being the eldest is never easy..he he)..each cent is worth it..I had my happiest moment ...and now I am homesick! i dont like this feeling...

anyway..its not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya, maaf Zahir Batin to everybody who is celebrating it and special thanks to my family who layan us like King and Queen and Princess(Sara).