February 26, 2011

Kuda @ Titiwangsa

Last Sunday.. after we had our breakfast, we are heading home, then hubby make a detour to Tasik Titiwangsa which is located near to Istana Budaya..ala i think most of KL people know where :)..

we had lucky to get a parking there..then jalan2 round the tasik with Sara..konon2 exercise la..haha..just to make myself not to feel guilty for not exercising since get pregnant with Sara last time ;)

:: on the way to the riding place ::

then we saw horse riding..kereta kuda pun ade..so we walk to the 'horse' place and see how much the ticket to hop on the horse cart..its just RM 1 each! cheap cheap..

:: the cheapest ticket that we can get in KL ::

so we buy the tickets and wait for our turn..its quite a long queue..Sara pun dah ngantuk..just look at her face while waiting for the horse to come and pick us up

:: just see the line..biaselah dah murah ,ngee ::

:: sleepy sleepy Sara ::

:: while waiting, posing2 :P ::

Sara was so happy when we are riding on the cart..Mama sara pulak so happy to see Sara face..priceless!..some other pics taken there..

:: not so sleepy now :) ::

so we had a good outing that day! thanks to en hubby!! we might need to do this more frequent..to lose some weight , hehe..

February 20, 2011

Download oh Download

after a week of silence..err i think..one week kut..hehe..nevermind..so today ..my entry is about Mr hubby yg hobi suke mendonlod..oh suddenly Malay..haha..iyer la..saye ni org Melayu..kdg2 jek org kate Minah Arab..kueng kueng..

Since we all install the unifi..so this house basically become the movie download hub..haha..especially Mr Hubby a.k.a Abah Sara yg sangat suke mendowload movie okie!!..when he is sleeping pun the computer is still running his download que...ish ish ish..

bile ingat kisah dowload movie ni..i can still recall my old days in uni...when we used to download from the intranet server..we are blessed with free internet services directly connected to our hostel room..wohoo..so with a Pc almost everyone have..we always updated with all the new movies and series..so everyweek, we eagerly wait for the penderma2 movie/series yang sgt rajin..rajin mengshare dkt intranet server..

when started working..i was too busy ..super busy and stop doing this downloading activities..until few years back when I start to get addicted to Grey Anatomy..so my downloading activities resume..bukan nye ape..Grey ni byk sgt eye candy :P

kalau dah mcm ni handsome..haish..sape la tak attracted..hihi..Mr Hubby..u r still number one in my heart..haha

after we got married..we try to find the best broadband services..started with P1 ..1st week superb..then after that..super duper sucks..and we need to find signal near window..then hubby said ahhh terminate!(in geram intonation)..so we take Maxis broadband..maxis are okie..but capping too small and cannot connected from many PCs at the same time..so the latest one is Unifi..super cool fast connection..and we can connect to many PCs/lappy at the same time..

We always download our movies/songs/tv series including Malay movies here http://www.warez-bb.org/ :) My hubby got his rapidshare and Megaupload account..heaven2..so download ler sebanyaknye mane pun..

now next mission..we need to buy extra External hard disk in order to keep hundreds of movies and all the series..huhu..but..as usual..kene tunggu gaji..chiaoo!!!

February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

hi all, maybe its not too late for me to say Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese frens out there..blessed living in a multiracial country..there are many festives and the best thing is public Holiday!

This is the time where i can close my lappy and lie on my couch..watch movie with my hubby..oh so nice..play with my little daughter and of coz go jalan2...

This CNY we decided not to go back to Perlis as we expect the traffic jam will be super duper bad..so we stay in KL..best..tak jam! hihi..go to few places to fill up the time..so i gues this is a super duper gaban long entry..haha..enjoice!!

1. Pusat Sains Negara

Went here because kawan cakap ade Dinasour Live..excited! brought my little one to test her
takutness with the dino..we pay RM 10 to got into the DIno exhibition..Pusat Sains entry fee = RM0 /freee :)

As usual, Sara is still small..so mmg tak takut at all..she was sleeping on the way to the place..so ade chance la mama Sara main2 skit2 the game there...when she was wake up she just stare at the big dino and look at us..and smile..hubby excited trying all the science exhibits there..quite fun outing! and the best part..not many people..not a usual thing in KL..

try2 game

sara at first tido..but then when she woke up..excited to see the dino

sara having fun playing at the kids fun corner

dino dino ..tatut..

sara face reaction

sara with Dino

her happy faces..i wont trade it with all the money in the world
2. Take Sara to try out LRT

We took LRT from Setiawangsa to KLCC..saje nak Sara try new experience..and she loved it..make so much of baby noise in the LRT..all the people was smiling at her..

3. Bagan Lalang - Sepang Gold Coast - PD - jam

Jalan2 there..took us about 1 hour from KL to reach there..the beach is not nice at all!...but so many many people..weird..

luckily we had nice ABC and coconut, with nice keropok lekor..then bought Sara nemo float and balik..

oopss not yet..on the way out from Bagan Lalang, we saw the sign shows PD another 37km..so we decided just to drive to PD..we reach PD at 2..we cannot proceed to Teluk Kemang as it was jam..all the car stuck at the roundabout..so we decided to pusing balik..

Suddenly, the PLUS highway also Jammmmmm...haish..we took Seremban exit and look for LEKAS highway..what a hard route even to find the LEKAS highway..but Alhamdullilah..managed to reach home safely..

main-main with Abah while waiting for ABC

our colorful pictures

this is what happen to the nemo float :P

So that's the main highlight on 2011 CNY leave..

Actually i really miss my mom..but i know if i go back we will stuck in jam in PLUS highway..and luckily we didnt go back..it took my brother from Perlis to here 13 hours journey! fuhh..

i hope you guys also had a goood break..chiao..

February 2, 2011

Under the Sea

me under the sea? think again :P actually me n hubby, brought Sara to Aquaria last Saturday..Last time i went i guest it was last 6 years..So let me share a bit of the adventure we had..hoho..adventure tuu..

Park our car at KLCC, then go pass through the tunnel and reach Aquaria..it took about 5 minutes of walking..

Right after the entrance, there was a huge tank of Piranhass....the face of this fish is scary when thinking that they can bite u cruely..but we miss the feeding show in the afternoon :(

::sara n Abah with Piranha aquarium as the background::

there are 3 small pool that visitors can enjoy touching the sea creatures inside there..there was horseshoe crab (or known as Belangkas in Malay), and there was one type of eel and also corals that we can try to touch it.

:: colorful corals and also sea creatures that we can have a feel to touch it::

The the journey of experiencing and learning the underwater creatures started with fresh water fish..the main thing that caught our attention is the super giant arapaima..so so big..just like wathing River Monster on TV :)

::huge silinder shape thank fill up with many types of fresh water fish::

::the arapaima or Ikan Kelisa i guess in Malay::

:: Sara try to make fren with the fish::

Then they place many types of animals and insects found in tropical regions such as snakes, many types or weird tortoise, geckos, spiders, scorpions and many more.

:: snake head turtle::

:: alligator::

The best attractions of all, i guess was the underwater tunnel which keep the deep sea fish including sharks and stringray..so gracefully looking at it flying on top of our head..my little one enjoy looking at it too..

::Mr Shark..scary fierce face::

:: she enjoyed it! priceless ::

After saying hello and wave goodbye to the fish, we had the chance to do small shopping at the Atlantis, the Aquaria souvenir shop..So conclusion, good experience if you have children that start to learn new things..just that the fee... The entry fee now for Malaysians is RM35..it shoot up from last year RM28..don't u think its overprice? Imagine if a family have 5 kids..how do you think an average medium income parent can afford to take their children to enjoy Malaysia tourism?

Not that I dont support Malaysia tourism, especially now in KL..fee of many tourist attraction places, has gone up..it will cost us ranging from 25 and above..so a bit sad on that..

So folks..save money to travel even In your own lovely country..message from Malaysia tourism board..huhu :)

February 1, 2011

Selamat ALi Wilayah!!

Happy Wilayah Day!! hooray its a holiday!! again..basically this week is holiday week..KL today public holiday..no outing plan..so cooking, cleaning..lipating baju..I'm back doing wifey work :)..first thing first...my Sup Tulang is already started cooking :)

Hubby caught with flu, cold n fever since yesterday :( poor him..yesterday I went to work as usual..and when i came back..my house is super clean..he has been doing the thing that he likes the most while I'm out working..tiding up the house..yeehhaaa...thank u hubby, even though he is sick, he helped me with the cleaning ..muahs muahs muahs..

Had a good discussion with my 'boss' which is also my sifu which is also my fren yesterday at office..so maybe its time for me to change what I have now..time to seek to sumting which is better for my life n family...

Wishing and praying again and again..putting a high hope that 'He' will listen to this super tiny and weak human prayers..i know i've been asking for 'His' favor too many times..but who else we should ask from right..at my Highest up and my lowest down..'He' is the one that always there for me...Thank u Allah..