December 2, 2013

Throwback 2013 - New Job :)

Throwback #1 - Hi long of silent...2013 about to end and here I am trying to start to write again..hehe teruk betul.. Hope I can cover the major things that happened this year its a throwback posting from me..

In February, I once again jump to another company. I got a good offer from one of the newest Oil and Gas company, just established in Malaysia. So try luck dkt sini pulak..still doing what I am doing (SAP) but this time I need to handle end to end alone in stead of having a team..

I was one of the consultant that have implemented 2 SAP projects in this company..last2 dpt offer jd permanent staff company ni terus..hehe..alhamdulillah..

Ni rupe time report duty and HR guy tgh introduce the newbie..but since I was already known by all the mcm lawak pulak jadi..I was put under IT Department..leading the SAP unit...


IndaMarya said...

watever u do I always believe you will do it always.
PS.nice peplum..he he

FaMmyLa said...

amboi laju...lama dah tak mcm ada masa sikit..