December 2, 2013

Throwback 2013 - CNY in Cherating

Throwback #2 - 2013 ..Jalan2 Cherating...

It was a really short getaway of us to Cherating..It was during Chinese New Year long weekend..wake up in the morning..suddenly feel like going look for a hotel and found it..pack cepat2 then made our move..hehe..kalau bab berjalan kan..laju jer..hehe

So stayed only one night at Eastern Pavillion Cherating..nice chalet concept in a village..mmg terasa mcm duduk rumah kampung betul..

The best part..every villa comes with a pool to ourselves...mmg suka habis la Sara..mama sara pun syok jugak..boleh berendam sesuka any time..tak panas..and people tak nampak ..that's the best part..

This resort is so peaceful and also not crowded even on this super peak time..So its a good place to lepak2 with family and has a peaceful mind from job stress and KL hectic life..

Me jalan2 dgn Sara in the resort
 There is a private beach linked to the resort...we just strolling down the beach...tak mandi pun since the wave was quite high....

Look at Sara cheeky face...that always make my day :)

Me and Sara at the beach
notti face of Sara
hubby posing by the beach..i like his tshirt..mushroom character in Mario video game

tgk tu Sara..bullying her Babah

nice landscape inside the resort compound

 Since it was Chinese New Year that time..there was lion dance at the resort..It goes to every villa that we follow je from the back...hehe

ikut ja mana lion tu pegi

Next pictures just me posing here and there..hehe..

in front of our villa

ours was Melaka pavillion, so the design of the chalet is based on Melaka house..look at the colorful steps

one snap before we go

We always come down to Kemaman because it is just 2 hours drive from our home in KL..everytime came to Cherating or Kemaman, we will drop by my friend's grandmother's house to buy some keropok lekor freshly made in front of our eyes..after getting the lekor..we usually go and hunt for Satar and otak2 which is so famous in Kemaman..heaven :)..unfortunately no picture of the Satar place since we were so into the satar..hehe

that's was about it.. a 2 days 1 night escape from the city during Chinese New Year..

tata and assalamualaikum

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IndaMarya said...

as long as Sara is happy.a short getaway yet very worthwhile.