December 4, 2013

Throwback 2013 - I got a niece! Athiyyah Alani

Throwback  # 3 - Khazimi got a daughter (again about baby ..hehehe)

She was born on 28.03.2013, weighing 3.1kg in Hospital Sungai Buloh. So Sara dapat kawan :)

Another happy happy news to my family who really loves babies/kids..She was named Athiyyah Alani..we call her Thia...So chubby baby and super fair...

She is now already 8 months old, the happiness of my brother Khazimi and Raihan life.

look how chubby she is now..and cheeky too

latest picture of Thia..wearing dress yg I gave her..hehe..such a cutie

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